Chock-full General Folklore Sites

SurlaLune Fairy Tales                              SurlaLune Fairy Tale Pages is a great starting place, truly a treasure trove of information.  Not only does librarian Heide Anne Heiner present 49 classic European tales and point the way to multicultural variants in picture books , but she offers educational guides and spearheads lively discussions about folktales  and folktales films both old and dressed  in new fictional clothes.  And so much more.

Project Gutenberg                                                          The 78 subject headings under “Folklore” here lead to full-text, out-of-print ebooks by country and subject.

Story Arts Online                                                       Storyteller and author Heather Forest has created a valuable site with tips for storytelling in the classroom,  lesson plans and activities,  a Story Library with bare-bones plots of 36 global folktales and 26 Aesop’s fables for retelling,  storytelling resources, and a link to some YouTube.

Stories for the Season              Sponsored by The Nature In Legend and Story Society (NILAS) and H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line. 27 well-chosen folktales are amply retold here.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts      D. L. Ashliman has created and sorted a giant database of global folk stories.

Karen Chace: Storytelling Links    From here you can reach a potpourri  of global folktales on themes such as bird stories, teaching tolerance, princess tales, trickster tales, Native American tales, and string stories, in addition to finding resources for storytelling.